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The broadcast for the Kryashens "Arumisez, Kryashen earandashlyar" ("Hello, Kryashen compatriots") appears in ether on Saturday of each month from 9. 30 till 10 a. m. The contents of this one half-hour broadcast is directed to acquaintance of hearers with world news, the review of press, in particular, to acquaintance with the materials of newspaper "Kereshen suze", with the news of the Kryashen world; to conversation about deserved people, about their creativity, life, and also about the problems of dramatic art; about the literature, publicism, children's creativity, to meetings with the compatriots, believing Christians, to acquaintance with religious Christian Holy Scriptures. The big place is occupied with the cognitive blocks connected with the stories about ceremonies, holidays, the Kryashens' century traditions, oral poetic creativity, popular beliefs about Earth - scold, representations about nature, weather. Further it is planned to expand the specified questions and to develop the following themes:

1. The heading "Our people", or "Eminent co-tribal men".

2. The invitation to the conversation of known public figures-the Kryashens, in connection with professional holidays, i.e. the calendar's red days: for example, the day of medical workers, the day of power engineering specialists, the day of teachers etc.

3. The heading "Religion and life"

4. The invitation to the conversation of compatriots - Christians, the parishioners of Kryashen church the representatives of an Orthodox Kryashen community.

5. Heading "Earth and space."

6. "Young talents."

7. The invitation to participation in the broadcast of representatives of culture and art - our singers, dancers, readers, poets, writers

8. The acquaintance with news, cultural life and the achieved successes of our compatriots.

9. The review of the information about the Kryashens in mass media

10. The heading: "What was the past, what is the present and what should be the future of our people"?

11. From the regional and village life of our compatriots

. There is also a wish. It would be great to have the sanction from the editors of Tatarstan's Radio to mention in broadcasts not only about good, positive successes, but also about arising vital problems of the Kryashen community.

Let there will be peace and calmness. Let there will be prosperity and the consent in your houses and families, composure and health. The author and chief of the broadcast for the Kryashen "Arumisez, Kryashen earendashlyar" ("Hello, Kryashen compatriots).




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