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We place analytical texts and materials devoted to the ethnocultural and ethnoconfessional subjects in the present section. Of course, first of all, there will appear the materials concerning to the Kryashen subject in this section. At the same time it is obviously that the condition of the Kryashens is not possible to consider out of the context of ethnocultural and religious scenery of Russia, being changed dynamically in the last years. Actually, as the result of geo-political deformations there came to existence ethnical unions, new kin networks, shaped migratory processes, changing the ethnoconfessional situation in the regions on territory of post-Soviet space for the last decade. At last, lately (especially after 11 September, 2001) a religious factor has began to gain more and more political character, having influence on home and foreign policy of the country. Therefore in the present section the close attention will be paid to the publication of the analytical texts, characterizing the place of ethnoconfessional factor in the formation of new Russia, to the meaning of humanitarian strategies in the development of ethnical and religious communities, to the role of ethnical and religious elite in the formation of civil society etc.



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