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The present project "Internet-server kryashen.ru" is carried out by means from the grant received at the fair of social and cultural projects "Saratov-2001" (the project tat-0206). The fair was organized by the Privolzhje Federal district under the personal home nursing of S.V.Kirienko, the representative Plenipotentiary of the Privolzhje Federal district.

The project "Internet-server kryashen.ru" was declared by public Organization of a nationality of the Kryashens of Kazan. The project head is Semenova Maria Mikhaylovna, the chairman of the public Organization of the nationality of the Kryashens of Kazan.

Participants of the project:

1) Vasilyeva Agrafena Antonovna - responsible for the section devoted to Kryashen broadcasts.

2) Dunaeva Tatyana Grigoryevna, the professor of the Kazan State academy of culture - responsible for the section of culture.

3) Kazantseva Galina Ivanovna, national actress of the Tatarstan Republic - responsible for the musical section of the server and the record library.

4) Makarov Gennadiy Mihaylovich, the senior scientific employee of Institute of language and art - responsible for the section of the server devoted to the history, ethnography and ethnogenesis of the Kryashens.

5) Matveeva Maria Nikolaevna - responsible for translation of Russian texts into the Kryashen language.

6) Archpriest Paul Pavlov, the candidate of theology - responsible for the section devoted to the spiritual culture and the spiritual literature of the Kryashens.

7) Svyatkina Olga Nikolaevna, the employee of CIT KSU - responsible for the software of the server and web-design.

8) Shishkin Sergey Mihajlovich - the external adviser of the project for technical questions;

9) Bezrodnov Alexey Vladimirovich - the translator into the English language.

10) Krinin Alexey Vladimirovich - the typesetter, the technical employee.

The authors of the project express gratitude to the Centre of information technologies of the Kazan State university (CIT KSU) - for the assistance in realization of the project, and also personally to A.V.Zhuravskiy, the candidate of history, the head of laboratory of sub-confessional and ethno-confessional communities of Privolzhje humanitarian-theological institute (PHTI) - for the idea of creation of the Internet-server.

In spite of the fact that the project is carried out by the public Organization of the nationality of the Kryashens of Kazan, the server reflects interests of all Kryashen community. Further on the basis of the server kryashen.ru it is planned to create personal pages of well-known Kryashen workers of culture and arts, all existing republican Kryashen societies, Kryashen kins etc.

The Internet-server is the self-developing system having considerable resources. We understand that many public organizations, including the national-cultural centres, are required in the Internet-resources. Therefore the authors of the project are ready to give a place under the sites of ethno-cultural orientation for free (volume up to 100 Mb).



The Internet ethnocultural project kryashen.ru, 2002.
Creation and support by National Cultural Center of the Kryashens of Kazan and the Tatarstan Republic.
Idea by Juravskiy Alexander. Design by Svyatkina Olga.
It is necessary to refer to kryashen.ru if you use partly or completely the materials of the server.
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